All The Ways In Which

This is my brother‘s show.



Cake Pops

Dessert Haiku

What blessing to me

To make other folks happy




I learned something about myself even at this age: I love making people happy with food. I have made goodies for my staff – cake pops, candied pretzel sticks, pumpkin spice muffins, pistachio green fluff dessert – and, the happiness I feel seeing and hearing the oohs and aahs coming from them is so wonderful.

I have been serving patients my entire career as their physician. But, making delicious and fun goodies for my staff is another skill which I’ve gained recently. Indeed, it is a pleasure.

Bragging Rights

So, my dear colleagues Drs.  Ottney and Hauptman carried out an impressive, highly successful “Asian Potluck” last night which I (at the last minute) backed out of. It even including home-made fortune cookies with sassy “fortunes” featuring Christy Iwata’s biting, sassy humor…

Bragging rights
Your failure to participate will result in bragging rights for the white girls.

First Responders – Sandy Hook Elementary School

Police first responders, Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12/14/12

Almighty God,

We bring before You once again these first responders. Oh, Father, please be ever-present in their hearts and souls. Fill them with Your comfort and healing balm. Give them Your peace which surpasses all understanding. Dear G
od, we beg Your grace to saturate them today and everyday that they must deal with what their eyes had to see. Lord, have compassion and help them every day, every hour, even every single minute. We plead for You to prevent any long-lasting psychological harm to come to them. Please, Lord. We beg your mercy upon them.

In Jesus name,

Hi. It’s me.


Hi there. This blog is under construction. It is a repository of personal thoughts for public consumption. I will add posts slowly as I learn this “craft” called blogging. Come with me on this journey, will you? We will both get something out of this experience. “Writing is thinking on paper.”  [On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction by William Zinsser]