I am an Emergency Physician, wife and mother of 2 college kids (both attending Cornell University.) It’s quite amazing to me, but I’ve been practicing EM for more than 20 years!  I completed my EM residency at Maricopa Medical Center in 1992 and I work in a very busy, high acuity, medium sized community hospital situated in a retirement community. Although I still love the EM. I have to admit, it is becoming harder and harder to consistently love what I do. There are so many obstacles and barriers  nowadays to practicing what I was trained for which is to take care of the patient.

I was born in Taiwan and when I was in grade school, I immigrated to NYC with my family. Back then, and as is true of many immigrant fathers today, my dad took a demotion when we moved to the US. He assumed a desk job with the NY Telephone company to support the family. Because of their sacrifice and hard work, my two brothers and I have reaped the blessings of growing up and succeeding in the United States.

Life moves from chapter to chapter. This next one for me involves medical education. I have dipped my proverbial toes into this huge vast pond of education and…well, let’s see how it goes. Visiting instructor at University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix and new upcoming blog, iCubed on Emergency Medicine News, are my teaching endeavors at the moment. Wish me luck!



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