I had a quick revelation a couple of weeks ago which illustrates what goes on in my head. I pictured many hummingbirds flying through my head this way and that. It perfectly illustrates what is going on in my mind throughout the day, the often frenetic pace at which thoughts are flying through. In quickly, out quickly. But only to be replaced by another and another and another hummingbird zipping in one side out the other.

This is particularly true at work when I am really busy. There is so much going on in my mind – hundreds of decisions during a shift. This frenetic activity is compounded by the steady stream of interruptions from every which direction – the nurses, the patients, the techs, the phone calls, the scribes, the family members. With each interruption, there is a hummingbird gunning for the exit. I grab on to it before it escapes. Sometimes I grab on to two or three at a time, each one tenuously squeezed between fingers. Securing one or more fluttering bird in one hand, I turn to the one that is in the other hand. Once this one has been taken care of, I let go of it. I then turn to those other fluttering birds, take care of them before I can let them go.

Yup, my mind’s an alcove of lively hummingbirds zipping through in all directions. No wonder I miss things.


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