Native Noises: How To Sound Like a Native Mandarin Speaker

OMG, this is the BEST! They are just too cute.

MandarinMadeEZ by ChinesePod

Use these characters in a conversation and you will sound 100% more local.

[English Subs coming this weekend 28/29 June 2014)

In this lesson we look at 10 exclamative particles in Mandarin Chinese, (Wiki)

These are the noises people make to show surprise, laughter, or pain etc. Β Examples in English would be things like;

hahaha, oi, huh, um, what! etc.

Different regions will use some more than others, but here are some common ones used inΒ Taiwan. Β Listen to people around you and see which ones they use. Β After a while, these sounds will become natural to you, and you will say them without thinking as your Chinese level improves.

Downloadable Podcast:

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