I Have The Craziest Job


Have I told you that I love Emergency Medicine? One of my shifts this week was a great illustration of what I love about EM, what I sacrificed, and trained, and worked so hard these many years to do. In one 9 hour shift, I saw patients with the following diagnoses (and I swear I am not making this up!!) It literally looks like chapter titles in Tintinalli.

Supraventricular Tachycardia
Traumatic Central Cord Syndrome
Ruptured Ectopic
Traumatic Rupture Globe & Intracerebral Hemorrhage
3rd Degree Heart Block
Post-code in CHF
Rectal Bleeding on Anticoagulant
Seizure and CNS infection
Severe hyperglycemia with ACS

Wonderfully interesting and fun day!

But, wait, hold up! Earlier this week, I had to remove a roach from a patient’s ear (ewwwww!) It was so nauseating, blechh! But, what a great story to gross out my kids at the dinner table!

Then, later this week, I had a remarkable experience diagnosing and “saving” a young man who presented with excruciating chest pains and non-diagnostic ECGs, but found to have an occluded LAD during emergent catheterization!

Days like these rejuvenate in me my love for EM and for the whole specialty because we made a difference in these patients’ lives. This is real Emergency Medicine and it is rewarding work.


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