Captain Morgan Hip Reduction Technique

Recently, I’ve become aware of a new – or what I thought was new – hip reduction technique. But, according to an esteemed colleague of 20 years, it’s not new. He’s been using this technique for 20 years or more. Well, all I have to say is it’s so COOL, no wonder it’s made a comeback.

I have – for 20+ years – reduced dislocated hips the same way because of my “small” size: with the pt out, under procedural sedation, I climb up and stand on the end of the bed, hoist the affected extremity up under my arms and apply all my body weight and strength to reduce the hip. It’s worked for me well and rarely do I fail. But, Captain Morgan is as smooth as silk…and just awesome! So, I am going to share πŸ™‚




Here I’m demonstrating the Captain Morgan Hip Reduction Technique in another patient under procedural sedation. This one is much more subtle as the hip was probably just subluxed. The patient had experienced mild subluxations before where she was able to maneuver the hip back on her own. She couldn’t do it this time.



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