Top Ten Reasons I Still Love Emergency Medicine


Even 22 years after completing my 4-year EM residency, I still love “real” Emergency Medicine.

Top Ten Reasons:

#1. Where else do I get to put fingers and tubes in every orifice without getting punched in the nose?
#2. How else do I get paid to hurt people…in order to help them?
#3. We usually don’t have to see them again.
#4. Despite the Dilaudid aficionados, we do ease real pain and suffering.
#5. We are the equal opportunity specialty. We will try to help everyone who comes through our doors regardless of their ability to pay.
#6. Where else can a small Chinese lady render a crazed 300 lbs lunatic POWERLESS AND WHIMPERING without touching him?
#7. Once in a while, we get a thank you. And, it feels so good.
#8. Amidst the craziness, my colleagues make Emergency Medicine fun.
#9. Sometimes, we have the privilege of saving a life. Bragging rights.
#10. Last, but not least…we actually make a difference in the world. Legacy.


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