Today is May 1, the National Day of Prayer. As my mind and heart turn to prayer, I’m feeling particularly thankful. “Thank you, Lord. Thank you so much” bubbles out of my mouth. I’m so grateful for healthy, happy and smart kids. I’m blessed to have a healthy and reliable husband with good Christian moral character.  I’m so blessed to be a physician and practicing the type of medicine that I love and earning a lucrative salary. I’m grateful I live in a safe and beautiful city. I’m grateful for my good health. I should have nothing to complain about. When I do feel tempted to complain, I pray.

Perhaps the recent South Korean Sewol ferry tragedy which has been heavy on my heart has caused me to reflect on my blessings. Those poor moms and dads who will never see or hear their teen son or daughter again on this earth. Their hearts must have felt ripped out of their chest when reality set in that their beloved child is no longer alive. Oh, such crushing pain. I feel so helpless. All I can do is pray for them.

Perhaps it’s because I have a 16 year old sophomore at home whom I see every day, whom I joke with, whom I make meals for. Perhaps it’s because to imagine losing him…I really can’t imagine that. I pray for his safety.

There also is news that more than 200 Nigerian girls  were kidnapped recently by terrorists and have not been found. That must be terrifying for them and their parents. My daughter is safely tucked away at Cornell surrounded by new-found friends and fellow students. I don’t want to imagine her in any unsafe or terrifying scenario. I pray for her, too.

Hence, when I contemplated this day dedicated to prayer, I was reminded that I have a rich and full and blessed life. There are endless things and people and issues to pray about. God is able to listen to all of that. But, I am offering today much thanksgiving to the God from whom all good things and blessings come.


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