Call me pansy. I dare ya.

Call me pansy. I dare ya.
Original chibi owner –

One of my favorite charge nurses jokingly called me a “pansy” last week.

I was having trouble with my Vocera –  a voice communication device we carry on us at work. Its sound was blinking in and out – so I went to her to change it. She jokingly said, “Are you trying to leave already?? Pansy!” I jokingly said, “What? See this?” as I used my fingers to draw a large circle in front on my chest signifying an emotional “button.”

I had, for some reason, found this chibi a day or so before and it was perfect. I used the Line app on my iPhone and put a caption on it and then posted it on Facebook. It read, “Call me pansy. I dare ya.”

I then thought I should give credit to the artist or physician it was drawn for. As it turns out, I found the artist and the original physician who owns all rights to the drawing. Here demonstrates the magic of social media –  within 48 hours, I was able to contact via Twitter the original physician owner of the chibi who gave me permission to use it, but to simply credit her. And, so voila! I emblazoned her website across the chibi and am going to use it. I just really love it. It’s a pretty darn good representation of me.

Clearly, I am easily amused.


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