My Top 10 Posts of 2014


Ladies and gentleman, **drumroll**, my top posts of 2014.  It’s kind of fun reviewing my work. I started this blog in November 2012. At the time, I had somehow acquired a pressing desire to write and to learn the craft of writing well.

What really fanned this fire was reading the book On Writing Well by William Zinsser recommended by Dr. Judith Tintinelli – arguably the matriarch of Emergency Medicine. It seemed blogging was the right fit, the right type of writing for me. So, off I went.

In the two years since, I have been honing my skill and think I am coming along nicely: I had an article published on MedPage Today; I’ve had 4 or 5 posts in CMDA‘s weekly devotions. And, I have had encouraging words from some of my readers.

The primary reason I write is that it helps me sort out and crystallize the ofttimes swirling and disorganized thoughts and feelings within. Another reason I write – a close second – is that I want to inspire, teach and encourage others who are alongside me or behind me in this journey through life.

When I write, I am trying to share an experience I have had which touched me in some way, and, in so doing, awaken something of this experience in the reader. I pray that you are blessed by my writings.

So, here they are. My top 10, most read posts. I think my personal favorites are #5 followed by #2.

1. Patient Satisfaction is Killing Both You and I

2. So, A Roach Walks Into A Local ED

3. Introduction to Emergency Medicine Part 1

4. Hummingbirds

5. Death To My Vision

6. Introduction to Emergency Medicine Part 2

7. Top Ten Reasons I Still Love Emergency Medicine

8. I Have the Craziest Job

9. Good Fruit

10. Help, There’s A Fish Bone In My Throat

The Hidden Face of God



I have given this great book to more than a dozen people – 4 just in the past month. I consider it one the most important books I’ve ever read in my life. It is written by a brilliant physicist, Dr. Gerald Schroeder. He earned his Ph.D. at MIT before moving to laboratories at the Weizmann Institute, the Hebrew University, and the Volcani Research Institute in Israel. It is a very dense read (but not too thick :P) But, oh so worth it. If you are intellectually honest and authentically asking if there really is a God or a Creator – this is a must read. Ask Dr. Antony Flew, legendary philosopher and atheist who reportedly changed his mind about the existence of God partly as a result of this book. Here’s a short video about this astonishing event.

And, here is a recent post with Dr. Schroeder himself explaining in a 5 minute video how science proves the existence of God.


Yours (A Meditation)

Your love is overwhelming
 Your mercy never fails.
 Your patience has no end
 Your gentleness constant.
Your grace is amazing
 Your goodness never ceases.
 Your kindness is beyond compare
 Your sacrifice unfathomable.
Your sovereignty is certain
 Your providence sure.
 Your beauty has no equal
 Your magnificence like the brilliant stars.
Your forgiveness is everlasting
 And, Your grace sufficient.
I am broken and unworthy.
 Why would You pay the slightest attention to me?

Because I am Your creation.
Formed out out of Your heart and imagination.
I am Yours.

The Karate Kid of Emergency Medicine (Video)





<p><a href=”″>1417413040-Copa Classy</a> from <a href=””>Emergency Medicine Physicians</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog?




I really liked this post on I love blogging and wish I had more time to write and post. But, life is and has been a white-water rafting trip; I’m hanging on for dear life sometimes as I careen down the rapids and hoping I don’t get bumped out of my raft into the water!

Mistake #1: You don’t post enough.
Mistake #2: You post too much.
Mistake #3: Your post is too long.
Mistake #4: You don’t invite engagement.
Mistake #5: You don’t participate in the conversation.
Mistake #6: You don’t make your content accessible.
Mistake #7: You don’t create catchy headlines.
Mistake #8: Your first paragraph is weak.
Mistake #9: Your post is off-brand.
Mistake #10: Your post is about YOU.