A Mother’s Pain

A mother’s pain.

The restrained sobbing broke out and he quickly put his arm around her. The news is bad.

“There are 2 spots in her spine that look like cancer,” I said softly to the elderly mom and her companion. The patient is actually sleeping because she has been over medicated. This is so sad. She is only 58. I can imaging the joy and triumph 2 years ago when they finished the chemo and radiation. Now this.

“Sherry, open up your eyes for me.”

“There are 2 spots on your spine on the MRI that may be cancer.” She had droopy eyes, she nodded slightly.

I am an ER doc. We see life and we see death. We see blood and all sorts of body fluids. We give great news and we give devastating news. But, the mother’s pain got me this day.

I remember having to tell a distraught young mother that we couldn’t save her 4 month old baby girl. She completely lost it, threw herself on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

I remember telling a mom her teenage boy had a brain tumor which caused him to lose his vision and run into the corner of a wall because he couldn’t see it. Her cry was piercing.

A mother’s pain.

How indescribably, excruciatingly painful must it have been for Mary as she looked upon her precious son being spat upon and beaten and dragging that wooden cross across the city.

How utterly crushing to look upon the crucified Christ on the cross.

grayscale photo of crucifix
Photo by Alem Sánchez on Pexels.com

Modified Valsalva Technique for SVT

I created this short video tutorial while at ACEP 2017 a week after trying the Modified Valsalva I got from #FOAMed. To my utter shock, it actually worked. It’s pinned to the top of my Twitter feed. Well, this Modified Valsalva for SVT worked again (sort of) for the second time the other day, I thought I’d share the video tutorial here, too. More than 500 views so far. I will post the second video soon. #FOAMed

My Promo on Emergency Medicine News


Yup, I’m official now. It is kind of weird to see myself on a major EM website. Cool, though.



My colleague texted me a picture of his paper copy of EMN. I don’t even get that in the mail anymore, haha. 



My first episode came out about 2 weeks ago and I have been getting good feedback. It featured my colleague Dr. Marc Zosky, new grad from New Orleans and a great addition to our group. He’s a natural at this educational podcasting.  The next episode will feature another of our newbies, a sophomore to our group, Dr. Paul Beeston who hails from my own residency, Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix. He is fantastic, smart and hardworking. He is also very POCUS-savvy which I love.




Announcement: My Screencast Blog

I am so excited to announce that I will have a screencast blog featured on Emergency Medicine News to start in March 2017. It’s called iCubed: Impart, Instruct, Inspire. It’s an opportunity that came to me somewhat unexpectedly last year. I had sent EMN a few educational items related to EM and the editor posted them. As we communicated through the year, the editor offered me my own blog on their website. She loved my excitement about the amazing cases I’ve had through the years, and my enthusiasm about sharing them.

So, folks, it’s going to happen! I’m stoked!